Third Grade Teacher Resigns After Wishing Obama Would Get Ebola, Calls Muslims 'The Evil Of The World'


A third grade teacher in Houston, Texas, resigned after controversial comments she made towards President Obama and Muslim people.

Angela Box was appearing on a local political TV show called "Tommy’s Garage" when she joked about wishing that the President would contract the Ebola virus.

“Can't Ebola just take one for the team and take out Obama?” Box said. In another episode of the show, on which Box is a frequent contributor, she referred to Muslims as “the evil of the world.” She also referred to Muslims as “goat f**kers” and “bacon haters.”

Box’s comments soon went public and many began labeling her as a racist, leading her to negotiate a deal with the school board and resign. The Daily Mail reported that while Box’s resignation was “unanimously approved” by the school board, she would continue to be paid for the next three months.

Box and "Tommy’s Garage" host Tom Adkins are defending her comments, dismissing claims that she is a racist and, according to the Daily Mail, trying to prove otherwise by “showing clips in which Box voices her support for South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, and female fighter pilot Major Mariam Al-Mansouri of the United Arab Emirates, who flew missions against ISIS earlier this year.”

In a statement issued to the Houston Chronicle, Box maintained that despite her comments, she is not a racist. “As I have said before, opposing President Obama and sounding the alarm about radical Islam does not make me a racist,” Box said. She is allegedly considering taking legal action against Quanell X, a community activist who accused Box of using a racial slur.

A spokesperson for The Council On American-Islamic Relations responded to Box’s resignation, saying that while the organization would never call for her to resign because she has a right to free speech, they were happy with the outcome for the sake of her students.

“Our concern has always been the children,” spokesperson Ruth Nasrullah said. “So we're happy, we're satisfied, with the fact she's no longer going to be working in the school.”

Source: The Daily Mail, Houston Chronicle / Photo Credit:, Facebook


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