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Wyoming Refuses to Grant Divorce to Lesbians

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When a same-sex couple decided they wanted out of their Canadian marriage, they weren't just fighting each other -- they were fighting Wyoming. Fortunately for pro-marriage advocates, the state won.

Judicial District Court Judge Keith Kautz decided not to grant the divorce because Wyoming never recognized the marriage! Under a state law, which is more than 100 years old, only the union of a "male and female" is protected. Although the women are appealing the ruling to the Wyoming State Supreme Court, Kautz's decision is a positive step.

In the meantime, it's pretty clear what the agenda is. Gay activists know that any state that agrees to a divorce is creating the loophole for same-sex "marriage." It's a way for homosexuals to sneak their relationships through the courts and create a foothold for more favorable rulings later on.

Fortunately, Judge Kautz is on to them. And with the help of State Sen. Curt Meier (R), the law may soon be stronger. Meier is sponsoring a marriage protection amendment to put issues like this to rest. "We need to let legislators and the people decide instead of the courts," he said. If you live in the Cowboy State, give Sen. Meier a hand. Urge your local leaders to support Senate Joint Resolution 5!


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