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Florida Man Shoots Suspect Attacking Officer (Video)

In November 2016, a Florida onlooker shot and killed a man who had a police officer pinned to the ground in the middle of the street. Now, footage has been released that shows exactly what happened that day (video below).

Sources said at the time Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, who had been on the police force for 12 years, first spotted the suspect while was assisting with an interstate crash in Estero, Florida, according to WINK.

When the officer tried to pull the man over, a 100 mph car chase ensued, notes WBBH. Eventually, the officer and the suspect, whom Bardes told his supervisors was armed, exited their vehicles when onlookers say the suspect attacked Bardes.

The compilation of several different witness recordings picks up at this point, while the suspect has the officer pinned to the ground. In the footage, a man in a blue shirt carrying a gun slowly walks toward the pair.

WINK reports that the passerby, believed to be Ashad Russell, had a Concealed Weapons License and told the suspect, Edward Strother, that he would shoot if the man did not stop striking the officer, although the video only picks up audio of the officer shouting, "Shoot him! Shoot him!"

Russell fires three shots, all of which hit Strother. He then drops his weapon and slowly walks away. The witnesses recording the video are stunned and try to talk through the altercation, while emergency responders attempt to revive the suspect using CPR.

"There was a lot of other lives that he was putting at risk, including mine and my daughter's," witness Nicole Ambrosini told WBBH.

Russell was cleared in February, as the state determined that the man was justified in shooting Strother and was acting as a good Samaritan under the Stand Your Ground self-defense law, according to WZVN.

"There was the very real possibility that the man could arm himself with the deputy's firearm thereby endangering the life of not only the deputy but all those on the road that day," said a statement from Russell's attorney.

Several witnesses agreed that Strother posed a threat to those around him. Many who were present were shocked by the graphic incident.

"[Strother] just kept beating him and beating him," witness Shanta Holditch told WBBH, adding that the suspect was continuously "throwing [Bardes] to the ground and punching him in all different directions."

Warning: video contains graphic content.

Sources: YouTube, WINK, WBBH, WZVN / Photo credit: John Trierweiler via WINK

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