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Former Police Officer Charged With Raping And Stalking Woman Using Police Database

A former Ohio police officer has been charged with raping a woman and then stalking her using a law enforcement database.

Jeffrey Martin, 55, was arrested in December 2015 for the 2014 rape, Raw Story reports. Martin allegedly stalked the woman after she reported the crime.

"It's embarrassing to any policemen to see another policeman charged with any type of crime like this," Bedford Police Department Sgt. Rick Suts told WKYC. "We hold ourselves to a greater standard, and this is definitely not it."

An indictment released in January stated that Martin used a firearm during the rape and then pretended to be a private investigator so he could stalk the woman, who said he showed up at her door twice, once in a police uniform.

Martin had been suspended four times by the Pepper Pike Police Department. Two of those incidents involved inappropriate conduct toward women.

Martin resigned from the police department before a 2014 hearing.

"They investigated every complaint to the best they could and, as it got to the point where he was told to stay away from anyone and told departmentally, the victims just dropped off,” Suts said.

"We're not going to help someone out because they're a policeman, when they're committing a crime," he added.

Officials believe there may be more victims who have not yet contacted police.

Nicole Smith, a victim of rape by a police officer, said she now finds it difficult to trust law enforcement officials.

“He just, out of nowhere -- it wasn't like he tried to have sex with me; it wasn't anything like that at all; it just was not like that -- he just started beating the sh** out of me,” Smith told Truthout in 2014. "It was crazy. He just started beating the sh** out of me, and he had a gun."

“Unfortunately, this is more the norm than the exception,” said Jen Marsh, vice president of victims services at the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. “It’s hard to do research and find reliable statistics on a topic that nobody wants to speak about.”

Sources: Raw Story, WKYCTruthout / Photo Credit: BPD/Facebook via WKYC

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