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Thieves Use 12-Year-Old Girl To Steal $4 Million Necklace

A few thieves enlisted the help of a 12-year-old girl to steal a $4 million necklace over the weekend. Police have identified the people behind the expensive heist but are yet to find them.

The theft, which authorities say was remarkably well planned, started when three well-dressed adults and the girl walked into Hong Kong’s Emperor Jewelry Shop. The adults flagged down the shop employees and feigned interest about a few pieces of jewelry on display. Then, their pint-sized accomplice went to work.

With the store associates distracted, the girl opened a store cabinet and grabbed a key. Then, she unlocked an enclosed display, grabbed the $4 million necklace and slipped it into her pocket. She and the adults calmly left the store moments later.

"The necklace was embedded with more than 30 diamonds totaling about 100 carats,” Hong Kong authorities told the South China Morning Post. “We were told it was worth about [4 million]. The three adults posed as big spenders and demanded employees show them jewelry in an apparent move to divert staff attention.”

The girl was whisked away in a cab just moments after she left the store. The adults, meanwhile, continued shopping around the mall as if nothing happened. All four suspects remain at large today.

Source: South China Morning Post / Photo Credit: CCTV via South China Morning Post


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