Thieves Throw Chainsaws at Cop During Wild Chase (Video)


A police dashcam video captured a dramatic chase between two alleged thieves and a cop in Duluth, Ga.

Two unidentified men in a minivan allegedly robbed a Tucker, Ga., hardware store this morning at 1:30 am (video below).

When a police officer gave chase, one of the suspects in the mininvan began throwing presumably stolen chainsaws and a weed-eater onto the road to stop the police cruiser's pursuit, reports WMAV.

After a three minute chase, both men abandoned the minivan and escaped into some woods.

The minivan turned out to be stolen.

The two suspects reportedly stole $19,000 of hardware merchandise and caused $3,000 in damage to the police car with the chainsaws, noted

Sources:, WMAV


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