Thieves Steal Pumpkins Grown By Preschoolers Weeks Before Halloween


Thieves in New Mexico stole every single pumpkin from a patch grown by Portales preschoolers.

Children at the Eastern New Mexico University's Child Development Center worked for months to grow the pumpkins. Teacher Lara Vaughan said four of them were full grown and they were waiting for them to turn orange any day now.

Some time over the weekend the patch was raided and many of the vines destroyed.

University police are scouring video footage of school grounds. No arrests have been made, the Albuquerque Journal reported.

The school’s 26 children studied the pumpkins, weeded the patch and watered them since they were tiny sprouts. Now they’ve been robbed of the chance of seeing them fully mature.

The center’s director, Elaine Gard, said the kids are more confused than they are mad.

"They are more indignant in asking, 'Why didn't they just ask permission? We would have given them the pumpkins,'" Gard said.

Gard said 10 pumpkins have been donated to the school since word of the theft was broadcast on the radio. A local radio station is oranizing a pumpkin drive for the school.

Sources: Yahoo! News, Albuquerque Journal

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / K.B. Owen, AP Photo / Child Development Center


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