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Father Furious After Thieves Robbed Grave Belonging To His Baby

A North Carolina father is furious after discovering someone stole items that were left at his child’s grave.

Tommy Williams lost his son, Trevor Ray, in March 2013 after the baby had health complications associated with his premature birth in October 2012.

“Trevor will always be known to his family and those who loved and cherished him as Little Superman, for his strong will and continuous ability to fight through difficult times,” read his obituary, according to Cumby Funeral.

Relatives placed several items at the child’s gravesite, including statues of an angel and a likeness of Jesus Christ.

On Dec. 19, 2015, Williams went to Floral Garden Park Cemetery, in North Point, North Carolina, to place more items at the grave when he saw that everything was gone. Managers and groundskeepers told Williams they did not remove anything.

“It's one thing to take something off a grave, but from a baby's grave?” Williams told WGHP News. “It just, it blows my mind.”

The father, who filed a report with the High Point Police Department, said he last saw the items in October.

In October 2014, a hidden camera caught a Toronto woman stealing from the gravesite of a 14-month-old child.

“A couple of years ago, we were contacted by the parents of a 14 month old,” read a Facebook post from the Ontario Police dated April 22, 2014. “They explained that their sweet little boy, Hayden 'Tank' Cole Sheridan, had passed away in 2007 and someone has been stealing toys and solar night lights from his gravesite ever since. We set up a camera to catch the thieves and we watched as items disappeared but never got an image that was good enough to identify the suspect.”

In the video, a woman is seen walking up to the grave and taking a stuffed animal, which was left at the site approximately four to five hours before. She was identified less than a day later.

“The family wants the person who did this to be held accountable […] Most of all, the family just wants some assurance that they can leave a night light and a stuffed animal at their son’s grave without someone stealing it," continued the post.

Sources: WGHP, Cumby Funeral, Ontario Police on Facebook / Photo credit: Uber Topic

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