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Thieves Return Wheelchair To Quadruple Amputee Swimmer Philippe Croizon

After thieves stole a custom-made wheelchair from a quadruple amputee French swimmer, they apparently had second thoughts and returned the chair. Philippe Croizon got his wheelchair back after the thieves left it in a park and the driver of a bus for handicapped people discovered it. The driver saw a report about the stolen chair on television and contacted Croizon so he could return it.

Croizon was the first quadruple amputee to swim across the English Channel. He used specially adapted artificial legs fitted with giant flippers in order to accomplish the feat.

The thieves got rid of the chair following a public appeal made by Croizon. “They haven't just stolen my wheelchair, they've stolen my autonomy,” said Croizon after his wheelchair and trailer were stolen. “I feel sad and angry. Let them keep the trailer if they want, but at least give back the wheelchair.”

He added:

“I don’t know if these people realize what they did. Without it, I am nothing. Give me back my wheelchair, give me back my independence.”

Croizon, 44, had his limbs amputated after he suffered a bizarre 20,000 volt accident in 1994, The Inquisitr reported.

Sources: The Inquisitr, The Daily Mail


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