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Thieves Quickly Rob Cars While Women Fill Up at Gas Stations (Video)

Women are having their purses stolen from inside their cars while they fill up at gas stations.

A recently released surveillance video (below) shows a woman filling up her SUV, while a silver car pulls up next to the vehicle.

A man hops out of the silver car, opens the passenger door of the SUV, steals a purse from inside the vehicle and then hops back into his car.

The entire theft goes unnoticed by the woman who is filling up her car on the other side, notes CBS New York.

This type of thief is called a "slider."

“They say it’s sliding because they’re sliding below the eye level of the door. A vehicle is not a secure location for your property," a law enforcement official told CBS New York.

Police are advising women to always lock their car doors, keep their purses out of sight or carry them.

Source: CBS New York


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