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Thieves Leave 80-Year-Old Veteran For Dead

Tommy Ward, an 80-year-old former solider and retired miner, was attacked in his home in Maltby, South Yorkshire, England, and left for dead after his attackers made off with his life savings of about $46,000.

The attackers fractured Ward’s skull, broke his ribs, smashed his jaw, broke a finger and left him with bleeding on his brain, the Mirror reported.  "I couldn't believe it when I saw him. He was unrecognizable,” Jackie Perry, Ward’s daughter, told Sky News.

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"I have been crying in the night thinking about him. The family have been sleeping with their mobile phones next to the pillow because we are just so worried about him. 

"Who could do this to anybody let alone an 80-year-old man?”

Perry explained that her father kept his life savings in his home because he is "old-fashioned and of the generation that sometimes didn't bother with banks.”

Although no one has been charged in connection with the crime, and Ward's safe hasn't been recovered, two 19-year-old men were arrested by South Yorkshire Police on suspicion of attempted murder and burglary. According to a statement from investigators, they are continuing to answer police questions.

Although doctors initially gave him a 25 percent chance of survival due to the severity of his injuries, Ward has made some improvement. “It was like he was trying to talk. He was moving his mouth and tongue but no words came out,” Perry told the Mirror.

Ward is still in hospital and has a long, uncertain road to recovery, but more than 1,200 people have donated to an online crowd-funding campaign aimed at helping him recover his life savings. So far, people have donated more than $27,000. “I have been overwhelmed. It has been a horrible nightmare but the fantastic response has restored my faith in human nature,” Perry said.

Sources: Mirror, Sky News, GoFundMe / Photo credit: MirrorGoFundMe


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