Thieves in Germany Steal 5.5 Tons of Nutella


On Monday, thieves in Germany stole 5.5 tons of Nutella spread from a parked trailer, worth an estimated $20,710.

It was taken in German town Bad Hersfeld over the weekend.

It is not clear how the thieves carried away the Nutella, as the jars ranged from 26.5 ounces to 13 ounces, and they had to take either 6,375 big jars or 13,750 small jars.

It has many people wondering why people would want to steal the chocolate-hazelnut spread, some even suggesting that there is a black market for it.

MSN Money said the discount chains sell it for more than $6 a container, which is significantly more than peanut butter, sold at $4 a container at the most. 

Or it might be because people are scared the spread will be heavily taxed. In France, citizens became concerned when it was suggested that palm oil be taxed at 300%. Palm oil is a key ingredient to the spread.

But it may have just been a random heist, as thieves have previously taken a truckload of energy drinks from the same place.

This isn't the first time Nutella has been in the news for being stolen. 

In March, Columbia University reported that they were spending $2,500 a week on the spread after students were stealing the treat.

They have since said that the stealing has dwindled, but they are still spending about $450 a week for dining halls that serve 3,600 students at three locations.

Sources: CBS News, MSN Money,Yahoo


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