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Thieves Caught On Video Stealing 6-Year-Old Burn Victim's Puppy

The theft of a 6-year-old burn victim’s beloved pug was caught on CCTV camera.

Ellis Barrett suffered horrible burns after an accident with scolding water four years ago. His mother bought him the pug to help cheer him up after multiple required surgeries earlier this year to treat septicemia.

The pug, named Peaches, is seven months old and Barrett is reportedly heartbroken over the lost of his “best friend.”

“He’s devastated she’s gone and all we want is to find her,” Ellis’ mother Lucy Swift told the Daily Mail.

The theft was caught on camera by a neighbor’s CCTV. The footage shows two hooded men enter the family’s backyard, chase the pug, and eventually catch Peaches and take her away, reports Inquisitr.

Peaches was not microchipped because she was too small during her first visit to the vet but she does have a distinguishing trait.

“When anyone calls her name she gets so excited and so giddy that she pees so people will know it is her,” Swift said.

A Facebook page, “Help my son find his pug peaches,” has been created to support the search for the beloved dog. 


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