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Thieves Attack Woman Who Was Walking Alone, Don't Realize What She Does For A Living (Video)

Two thieves tried robbing a woman of her cellphone in Brazil, but there was one problem: the woman was an MMA fighter (video below).

MMA Strawweight Monique Bastos was heading to the gym in the city of Acailandia when the two would-be thieves approached her and stole her cellphone, Uproxx reported.

One of the men was able to get away but the other was not so lucky. Bastos caught the accomplice, knocked him to the ground, and put him in a “triangle choke.”

The incident was caught on camera (video below), and uploaded on Reddit Wednesday morning. The man is heard crying for his parents and claiming his innocence, according to a rough translation from a Reddit user.

While locked in a triangle choke, the man reportedly says:

“Dad, Dad, I’m going to my dad. Call the police, father. Help! Help! Help, Jesus. Please, I did not rob. Why would I do this? Help. Help. Look at my wallet. Help. Help. Sir, help me. Please don’t show my card. This was the first time. She’s choking me. Where’s my mom? Aie, Aie, Aie. Help! Help! Please, I need my wallet. No, I did not rob anything, no.”

In speaking with the Brazilian website Maranhao, Bastos said she kept the man in the triangle choke for 15 minutes.

“I was going to the gym, train. They arrived by bike, just taking my phone,” recalled Bastos, who added that this was the second time she had to teach a would-be thief a hard lesson. “I thought they were friends, but as soon as I realized they were not, I gave a tug on them and dropped the bike.

“The accomplice ended up taking my phone.”

Bastos is 0-3 as a pro MMA fighter, but she is currently undefeated against amateur robbers.

Sources: Uproxx, Yahoo! News, Reddit

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube


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