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Police Arrest Thieves Who Got High, Fell Asleep With Stolen Goods

Three men who allegedly robbed a Southaven, Mississippi, house got high on marijuana and then fell asleep with the stolen goods.

“It's kind of hard to even put it into words for that kind of situation,” Jemarcus Barnett, who lives two doors down from the home the men were discovered in, told FOX 13.

The three would-be thieves — Charles Hastings, Tommy Harris, and an unnamed juvenile — stole items from a home before going to a nearby vacant house. Once they broke inside with the merchandise they had previously stolen, they made themselves at home and smoked marijuana.

“Mostly they were chilling out and passed out, and went to sleep until the officers got there,” Lt. Mark Little of the Southaven Police Department said.

Officers were called to the scene after neighbors reported hearing loud music and a loud truck at the vacant house.

“They say there was a smell of burning marijuana when you entered,” Little said.

“The story itself is completely weird,” Barnett added. “The guys being in the house under the influence of drugs is crazy all together.”

The three suspects have been charged with burglary and possession of paraphernalia.

Their story recalls that of Dion Davis in Sarasota County, Florida. Davis broke into a home whose occupants were away, collected jewelry in a plastic bag, and then took a nap in one of the bedrooms, Inquisitr reported.

The cleaning lady found Davis asleep and called 911. When deputies arrived at the house, Davis was still sleeping.

The officers took photos of Davis and posted one of them to Facebook with the caption: “He was passed out with a bag full of stolen jewelry next to him on the bed and didn’t even notice the deputies taking pictures.”

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Davis was charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling while unarmed.

Sources: FOX 13, Inquisitr / Photo credit: FOX 13Sarasota County Police via Inquisitr


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