Teen Shoots Man Trying to Break Into His House


A teenager from Ladson, South Carolina, shot and killed a burglary suspect who tried to break into his home.

The 13-year-old, who was home by himself at the time, reportedly heard someone trying to break into his home and got his mother’s gun. He then spotted the suspect trying to get into the house through the back door and fired the gun. 

The suspect fired back before fleeing in a silver vehicle. The driver of the vehicle rushed to a nearby hospital, where the suspect -- 31-year-old Lamar Brown -- died from gunshot wounds, reports WCBD. 

Authorities later arrested 28-year-old Ira Bennett, of North Charleston, in connection with the incident. Bennett is thought to be the driver of the silver vehicle.

The story quickly went viral after it was initially reported, with many praising the teen for his actions.

“The right to protect against personal harm must never be taken away. Perhaps if this happened more often there would be less need for it to happen at all,” one reader commented on AWM.

“That young man was not only protecting his home but also himself. Who knows what those two hoodalins would have done to him,” another added.

In a similar incident, a convicted burglar in Indiana filed a lawsuit against a man who shot him in an attempted robbery, KTLA reported. 

David Bailey was convicted of burglary charges following the 2014 incident, and the homeowner was also charged with criminal recklessness for shooting Bailey along a dirt alleyway near his house in Dunkirk.

Bailey filed a lawsuit against that homeowner, David McLaughlin, two years later and claimed that he acted recklessly in firing the shots.

“My client thinks it’s outrageous and I tend to agree,” McLaughlin’s attorney, Brian Pierce, said. "You don’t ordinarily expect someone to burglarize you and turn around and sue you for damages.”

Pierce said his client was completely justified in the shooting.

“I think the claim is absurd. In Indiana, every homeowner has a right to defend their property and that may include using a firearm,” he said.

Sources: AWM, WCBD, KTLA / Photo credit: AWM

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