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Thief Steals Disabled Women's Walker, Motorized Tricycle (Video)

Anna Lisa Abrahams was shocked by a heartless crime committed outside her Sacramento, California, home.

An unidentified thief was recently caught on surveillance video (below) stealing a walker and motorized disability tricycle that belong to Abrahams' disabled adult daughters.

According to, Abrahams had signs up warning potential crooks about her surveillance cameras.

The video showed a man taking the tricycle and, an hour later, stealing the walker from under the patio.

“I cannot believe that there are people out there with no morals,” Abrahams told CBS Sacramento.

“It’s wrong in so many ways and it’s frustrating, and now [my daughter is] without a walker,” added Abrahams. “He really acts like he belongs here, acts like he knows the grounds.”

“We do what we can to make life easier for [my daughters] and make sure that they’re happy and well-cared for, and then somebody goes and does this,” stated Abrahams.

Abrahams is hoping that her insurance will cover the $4,000 cost of the motorized tricycle and walker.

Sources: CBS Sacramento,


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