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Thief Stealing Gifts From D.C. Doorsteps Gets a Crappy Present (Video)

Washington D.C. resident Andrea Hutzler, 33, served up some creative revenge this week after packages kept being swiped from her doorstep. 

After $800 worth of goods, including Christmas presents, were stolen from Hutzler’s home, she grew frustrated. “I worked hard, saved my money, bought something and then it was just gone,” she told WJLA. Hutzler and her boyfriend had filed police reports and installed cameras, but the culprit hadn’t been caught. 

That’s when Hutzler decided to engage in some dirty warfare.

Hutzler used excrement from her two dogs to fill a dummy package and, inside, she attached a note that read “Surprise! Please stop stealing my crap.”

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(via Daily Mail)

With a camera trained on the doorstep, Hutzler waited for the thief to return — and he did, unwittingly taking the poop-filled package with him. 

Though the culprit did not open the package on camera, the images were given to the police. He remains at large, but Hutzler is happy with her efforts. “I feel happy,” she told My Fox Philly. “think he would be gone for good because he'll never know what I’ll be putting in a box.”

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(via Daily Mail)

Her neighbors approved of the smelly trick. 

“I think he deserves it,” one woman told  WJLA.

“You get what you deserve,” one man said. “What goes around comes around.”

Another man added, “I bet you that’s the last time he stole from them, right?”

Hultzer has filed another police report, but she believes the outcome might be different this time since the video has been widely distributed. “I have more faith that maybe he will be caught,” she said.

Sources: WJLAMy Fox Philly / Images via YouTube, Daily Mail


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