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Man Killed, Wife Stabbed In LA 7-Eleven Robbery

A man was killed and his wife was seriously injured after they were both stabbed in an attempt to stop a robbery at the 7-Eleven they worked at together.

On March 25, at a Los Angeles 7-Eleven, a man in his 40s entered the convenience store and allegedly tried to walk out with a bottle of alcohol and a hot dog. The female clerk confronted him.

In response, the man “shanked her multiple times,” before stabbing her husband, who rushed out to check on his wife, according to LAPD Lt. John Jenal.

The police were called immediately. They found the alleged thief walking down the street carrying the stolen items. He was arrested and booked on suspicion of murder.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the woman was in critical condition and her husband died at the hospital.

While police have not officially identified the couple, friends have identified them in surveillance video as Washi Ahmed and Lagrima “Paulina” Lopez, KTLA reports.

Lt. Mike Kozak told KTLA the stabbings happened outside the 7-Eleven, in the parking lot.

“We think this is extremely tragic incident for people to be injured over something as minor as just a few dollars worth of food,” Kozak said.

LAPD confirmed the suspect is in custody.

Sources: KTLALos Angeles Times / Photo credit: KTLA

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