Thief Spent 8 Hours Stuck in Elevator Shaft During Failed Escape Attempt

A man’s attempt to escape after robbing a building in China didn't go according to plan.

Yi Fu, 35, was attempting to rob an apartment when he was startled by the apartment’s residents, who had armed themselves with knives and broomsticks.

The residents chased the thief into a building, where he attempted to make his escape by climbing into an out-of-service elevator shaft.

Unfortunately, the 266-pound man proved to be about as wide as the shaft: Fu managed to climb into the shaft that leads to the roof, where he got stuck in a tiny opening.

Believing that the crook had escaped, the building’s residents went to sleep for the night.

“No one could hear his cries echoing in the night air and down the elevator shaft,” a police spokesman said.

The spokesman added that Fu “was so firmly wedged that he spent eight hours trapped in the hole.”

It wasn’t until the next morning at dawn when resident Shoo Pei was heading to work that Fu was discovered. Pei allegedly heard the crook’s cries coming from above her.

Even after Pei notified the authorities, firefighters spent an hour freeing the crook.

The police spokesman added that Fu “will have to go on a diet if he wants to continue in this line of work.”

Sources: NY Post, Daily Star

Photo Sources: NY Post


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