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Thief Returns Stolen Bike With Note And Coupon For Free Dessert

Let’s be honest: We do some pretty dumb things when we’re drunk. We pretend we can drive when we can’t (“Dude, I’m TOTALLY fine, I prrroomise”), we pretend we can sing when we can’t, and in the case of a certain college grad we pretend we can steal things when we shouldn’t. But as this guy shows us, we should at least be decent and try to make up for our drunken escapades when we're in a position to do so.

Some poor bike owner woke up one morning to find his or her bike stolen. Sucks, right? Not so fast.

Three days later, the bike was returned with a note and a coupon for a free dessert from Dominos. Apparently, the thief and recent college grad was too broke to catch a taxi home, so they hopped on the first bike they could find and pedaled home instead.

Does this person win the 2013 Thief of the Year Award? They’ve got to be the early favorite. Check out the awesome note in its entirety below. 

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Source: Mirror


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