Thief Picks Wrong Girl To Mess With (Video)


When a thief picked a harmless-looking young woman to be his victim, he had no idea what was in store for him (video below).

A video of a man trying to steal items from a woman’s handbag on a bus in China has gone viral after being uploaded by LiveLeak, the Daily Mail reports.

In the footage, the woman is seen standing up on a bus looking at her smartphone as a suspicious man stands behind her, across the railing. As she moves to lean against the rail, the thief shifts his body closer to hers.

The man then looks around quickly before inching his hand into her purse, which is white and hung over the woman’s shoulder, to pickpocket her.

But the woman quickly realizes the man is trying to steal from her and grabs his hand, calling out to other passengers that the man is a thief. The man yells back at her, denying it and telling her to let go of his hand.

The passengers all stand up, but the woman immediately then pulls the man’s arm and kicks him in the leg, causing him to fall to his knees on the bus. She heaves him against a pole and proceeds to kick him in the chest, forcing him over the barrier.

While some online users are praising the woman’s Kung Fu skills, others think the video – which has since been posted on YouTube -- is an elaborate hoax, according to the Daily Mail.

"Why bother making fake videos?" one viewer wrote. "It only gives power to the Dark side of the Farce!”

"As fake as my Rolex watch," another added.

The video has not been verified as real or fake.

Sources: Daily Mail, LiveLeak via YouTube / Photo credit: LiveLeak via Daily Mail

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