Thief Hypnotizes Shopkeeper, Steals Money From His Pants (Video)


An unidentified man was caught on surveillance video hypnotizing shopkeeper Aftab Haider and stealing money out of his pockets.

The unusual theft took less than a minute on Sept. 11 (video below).

The thief entered Haider's London wine store, tapped Haider on the shoulder a couple of times, raised his fist and put the shopkeeper into a trance, notes The Telegraph.

Haider stood motionless and helpless while the thief went through his pockets and took his money.

A third person entered the store, but didn't do anything to stop the thief.

After stealing a large amount of cash from Haider, the thief tapped him on the shoulder and quickly left.

Haider suddenly came to, yelled, "Oi, oi, excuse me," and tried to catch the thief, but the third person was in the way.

"He said he just suddenly realized the man had stolen from him and ran out of the shop to find him but he got away," a friend of Haider told the Evening Standard. "He had hundreds of pounds stolen from him. It's worrying if people can do that. Other people might do the same."

Magician and hypnotist Damien O’Brien gave his opinion: “You can never hypnotize someone on the first go; you warm them up. I would have thought he has already gone in there before and done some pre-suggestive stuff. He may have said on an earlier visit that the next time he comes in and touches the man on the shoulder he is going to go into a relaxed trance and will let him go into his pockets."

Sources: The Telegraph, Evening Standard


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