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Thief Breaks Into Martial Arts Instructor's House, Gets What You'd Expect

Common sense statement of the day: it’s a terrible idea to break into the house of a martial arts teacher. One burglar found that out the hard way in California last week. 

Kickboxing and MMA instructor Brian Kuhn came home on Thursday to pick up his martial arts uniform before heading to class. When he walked into his living room, he found a thief sitting in a chair.

“Hey, this guy let me in,” the burglar said, pointing to a crow bar he was holding. Kuhn immediately went to grab the man.

“I grabbed him to take him outside, he didn’t want to go,” Kuhn said, “so then we started fighting.”

Kuhn said he punched and kicked the burglar several times, smashed his head through a window, put him in a headlock and dragged him outside. Once outside, Kuhn pinned the burglar on the ground and made him wait for police to show up.

San Jose police say the robbers face was bloody and swollen when they arrived. He was promptly taken into custody.

When asked about the ordeal by KUTV, Kuhn said he was “relieved that it ended the way that it did. That it didn’t end badly for me or my family.”


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