They Say It's Sir Paul's Birthday…


… and we're gonna have a good time! Happy birthday to Sir Paul McCartney, who turns 69 tomorrow. To celebrate the longtime vegetarian's big day, PETA is asking all Beatles fans to join the Meatless Monday movement in his honor.

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Meatless Monday, a campaign close to Sir Paul's heart, is gaining ground with people here, there, and everywhere. Earlier this month, Aspen, Colorado, became the U.S.' first Meatless Monday community, with restaurants, schools, hospitals, and organizations all jumping on the bandwagon. Several other cities—including San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; and, just this week, Durham, North Carolina—have issued Meatless Monday proclamations.

Please encourage any Beatles fans you know to go meat-free on Mondays as a tribute to one of the world's biggest animal defenders. PETA has hundreds of delicious vegetarian recipes to get the party started.

Happy birthday to you, Sir Paul.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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