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Arkansas Senator: Remove Clintons From Airport Name

An Arkansas state senator wants the name of his state's largest airport —- the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport — to revert to its former name. 

Republican Arkansas State Senator Jason Rapert said the Nov. 8 presidential election results prove that Arkansans don't want Little Rock's airport to continue to be named in the Clintons' honor. 

"The Clintons left Arkansas and do not reside here," Rapert told The Hill. "Many in our state do not want the first thing people see and last thing they remember about Arkansas being two of the most scandal-ridden politicians in American history."

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was handedly defeated in Arkansas in the presidential election: she lost to President-elect Donald Trump, 61 percent to 34 percent. She picked up only eight of the state's 75 counties, including Pulaski County, where the airport is located.

No Democrat has been a serious contender for the state's electoral college votes since former President Bill Clinton won reelection in 1996.  

The Little Rock Municipal Airport Commission renamed the airport after the former governor and first lady in 2012. Before that year, the airport had been named after Captain George Geyer Adams, a member of the Arkansas Army National Guard who died at the airport in an accident in 1937. 

A member of the Little Rock City Council at the time of his death, Adams had obtained funds from the Works Progress Administration to purchase the federal property on which the airport is now located. 

Rupert wants the airport to commemorate the memory of Adams once more by reverting to its old name. 

"The nation resoundingly rejected the Clinton legacy, and many think it is not smart to have the gateway airport to our state projecting a message the rest of the country and our own voters rejected," Rapert said. "The Clinton Presidential Library is in our state and that is enough for Bill Clinton, who is a native of Arkansas."

Bill Clinton was raised in Hope, Arkansas, and persuaded the future first lady, who had lived in Pennsylvania and Illinois, to move to the state after finishing law school, The Daily Mail reports.

Bill Clinton became the state's governor in 1978 but lost the following election to Frank D. White. He regained the position in 1982 and continued to serve as governor until he won the Presidency in 1992. 

The Clintons have resided in the state of New York since Bill Clinton's last presidential term ended in 2000. 

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Hill / Photo credit: Arkansas Economic Development Commission

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