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Man Strikes Girlfriend In The Head With Dildo

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A Florida man allegedly struck a woman in the head with a plastic dildo after she criticized his performance in bed.   

The Daily Mail reports that 42-year-old Eric Pritsch attacked his girlfriend, 58-year-old Carol Favuzza. Both of them have long rap sheets.  

The ordeal started at their trailer home when the two of them, under the influence of alcohol, had a spat over his performance in bed.  Favuzza allegedly told Pritsch, "You're not a man, you're a mouse."  That is when police say Pritsch punched her in the face, bit her arm, and then "struck her in the back several times with a plastic dildo and some type of cord," according to The Smoking Gun.

Police observed swelling on Favuzza's face and jaw and brought her to the nearest hospital. Pritsch, who denies striking Favuzza, was brought to the same hospital.  

Pritsch was then booked into country jail on a misdemeanor battery charge. He is currently free on $2,500 bond, pending a hearing in March.  

Both Pritsch and Favuzza have been accused of battering each other in the past. As for the dildo, police claim, "We did not locate the dildo allegedly used by Pritsch to strike Favuzza."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Smoking Gun / Photo credit: Steven Zwerink/Flickr

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