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Cow Charges At Men Attacking Young Girl (Video)

Two men attempting to kill a young girl were attacked by a cow in India (video below).

The incident occurred on May 13. A young girl was attacked by her father and uncle at a shelter for women in Madhya Pradesh, the Hindustan Times reported.

The father and uncle were stabbing the girl in an apparent case of "honor killing," police said. The girl had upset her parents by eloping with a 22-year-old man identified as Sonu in January.

But during the attack, an unexpected third party intervened.

A cow charged at the uncle and father. One of the attackers was injured, along with another person who tried to save the girl, police said.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment on video. The cow was apparently protecting its calf, which was nearby.

The girl ran away from the scene, but later collapsed and died from her injuries, the Daily Mail reported. The attackers were identified as Kalyan and Lakhan Singh. They are currently at large.

Sonu was arrested and charged with engaging in a relationship with a minor. The girl had refused to return to her village and was sent to the women’s shelter following a court order.

Sources: Hindustan Times, Daily Mail / Photo credit: LiveLeak via YouTube

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