Two Men Denied Bail For Molesting Pig And Killing Chickens (Photos)

Two men have been denied bail after they allegedly molested a pig and killed chickens.

Bradley Presbury, 20, and Reece Parke, 22 were not present during a video session when their case was heard during Lismore Local Court in Nimbin, Australia in December, the Daily Mail reported.

The two men have been in jail since Dec. 23, 2015 for the alleged molestation of a pig named Polly at Djanbung Permaculture Gardens in Nimbin. They are also accused of killing chickens.

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Presbury and Parke currently face two counts of torturing, beating, and causing the death of an animal, and one count of bestiality. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison.

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Neither men applied for bail, but were denied anyway. Non-publication order applications were made on behalf of both parties, but were also denied.

Investigators are still waiting for the results of blood samples, forensic tests, fingerprint analysis and the examination of items from the scene, the Northern Star reported.

Presbury and Parke's case has been adjourned until Feb. 21. An evidence briefing will be presented to the court on Feb. 17.

Sources: Daily Mail, Northern Star / Photo credit: Facebook, Instagram via Daily Mail

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