Parents Use Hot Dog Smoothies To Starve And Torture Boy


On April 21, Christopher Sefton, 30, and Lori Lloyd, 31, of Auburn, Washington, were sentenced to 20-year prison terms  by a King County jury after being convicted of starving and abusing their children The two received exceptionally long sentences for their heinous abuse against Sefton’s son.

When the 6-year-old boy was rescued in March 2014, he was emaciated and beaten. The boy, known only as K., scavenged for food out of school trash cans to feed himself. At only 50 pounds, the boy’s joints and stomach were swollen while the rest of his body shut down.

Sefton and Lloyd were feeding the child hot dog-and-cooking oil smoothies at home, twice a day. They also forced him to do aerobics and deprived him of sleep. The parents would make K. do pushups while wearing a backpack filled with heavy canned food.

The other children in the home – Lloyd’s then 7-year-old daughter and the couple’s young son – were abused as well, according to KOMO.

K. and the other children have been placed in foster homes since the two parents were arrested. The older children are receiving therapy.

According to court documents, Sefton began losing control around October 2013. K. started to shed weight in the five months that followed, reports Seattle Pi. School employees became worried about his situation at home.

The boy would arrive at school with a bloody lip, bruised ear, scratches, and other injuries. He once choked on a muffin that he found in a school trash can to feed himself. His teachers made a “share basket” so K. could be fed at school.

When school nurses asked to weigh the boy, Sefton protested and said he was being discriminated against as a man raising his child. Sefton called his son a “demon” when confronted by school staff.

Lloyd and Sefton told school workers not to feed K. because he had “dietary restrictions,” and threatened to sue the school if employees didn’t stop feeding the boy.

Lloyd and Sefton even exchanged smug videos and text messages about K.’s abuses. The cellphone evidence was later confiscated by police.

“They were using food to torture him,” Senior Deputy Prosecutor Cecelia Gregson said. “It has the added benefit of trying to kill him, but it was a very effective form of torture.”

Sources: KOMO, Seattle Pi / Photo credit: Grant Hindsley/Seattle Pi

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