Officials Discover Minions Hiding Drugs


Chile authorities announced Feb. 18 they caught two smugglers flying from The Netherlands to Chile hiding ecstasy pills resembling Minions in a children’s drawing kit.

Police arrested two men - an Argentinian and Chilean - at Santiago International Airport and placed them under house arrest for the offense, Gobierno de Chile reports.

The men reportedly were trying to smuggle 101 of the ecstasy pills to the Chilean coastal city of Vina del Mar.

That same day, Chilean authorities also announced they’d caught three women attempting to smuggle almost half a kilo (about a pound) of methamphetamine inside a false bottom of three colorful backpacks.

The package was being from sent Colombia to somebody in Sydney, Australia.  

This is not the first time somebody’s attempted to smuggle drugs using children’s movie characters to cover their tracks.

According to a NYPD Aug. 11, 2015 press release statement, New York police arrested five people - including a high-profile drug trafficker - after they tried to hide $225,000 worth of cocaine in Minion dolls and other kid’s toys in an attempt to smuggle from Puerto Rico to New York.

The drug dealers reportedly sold the illicit substances to undercover police officers.

“This investigation began in nightclubs across New York City and ultimately led to the arrest of a major narcotics supplier, who obtained multiple shipments of cocaine from Puerto Rico via the U.S. mail," Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan said.

“Kilos of cocaine were disguised as children’s birthday gifts, and shipped alongside innocent looking Olaf dolls and other toys, in a failed attempt to conceal the sinister contents,” he added.

Beyond hiding drugs in Minion dolls, police have reportedly also discovered people trying to smuggle illegal substances in a variety of other creative ways.

Mandatory reports police arrested two Michigan drug dealers after raiding their house and discovering meth inside of their one-year-old grandchild’s diaper.

Meanwhile, another woman tried traveling from Panama to Spain with cocaine inside her breast implants.

After officials noticed bloodstains on her clothing, they grew suspicious and discovered the cocaine.

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