The 'Worst Neighbors Ever' Disturb The Entire Internet (Video)

It’s safe to say that most people have had their share of bad neighbors, but none top the ones shown in a video that’s already started to go viral.

The clip (below), posted by Reddit user crakemonk, shows a man sitting shirtless on a scooter directly behind a white truck. He seems to be arguing with the driver of the truck when suddenly, she comes out of the vehicle and begins to scream at him. The irate woman clearly wants him to move out of her way, but he refuses, and she proceeds to kick and hit her own vehicle out of frustration.

The woman pushes the man in the scooter over onto the ground before getting back into her car and backing up into the scooter as he quickly tries to get out of the way. She once again pulls forward and proceeds to back up into the scooter a second time as the man screams at her. Finally, the woman leaves, and the man is left threatening to call the police.

Since the clip was posted on YouTube, it has already garnered over 650,000 views.

When a Reddit user asked crakemonk if the neighbors were like that all the time, she admitted that they’re usually not as bad as they were in the video.

“Yeah, today was just extra terrible,” said crakemonk. “She's normally kicking her car, screaming, throwing stuff on a daily basis. Her running him over was a first though.”

Take a look at the clip below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube


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