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These Flags Landed A Veteran In Hot Water (Photos)

A Korean War veteran from Greenfield, Indiana, is in a dispute with a local homeowners’ association over a flagpole he set up in his yard this summer.

Robert Willits’ flagpole features two flags: a U.S. flag, and a black POW/MIA to honor the brother he fought alongside.

While Willits was injured in the war, his brother, Lester, never came home from the war.

The homeowners’ association maintains that the flagpole is a violation of the neighborhood rules.

Willits, however, isn’t backing down.

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“Lester is still there,” Willits said. “So I’m going to keep it up.”

The association has offered Willits two options: take down the pole in his yard and fly it somewhere else, or keep the flag where it is and pay a $500 fine to cover legal fees.

Willits and his wife Judy have vowed to neither pay the fine nor remove the flagpole.

“With the penalties they’ve imposed upon us, I feel it’s really un-American for somebody that is 100 percent disabled vet,” Judy said.

WTHR reports that on Monday afternoon, Indiana veterans gathered to support Willits and his flagpole.

The homeowners’ association told WTHR that although rules are rules, the group isn’t sure what to do if Willits continues to ignore their requests.

Both sides have hired attorneys.

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Source: The BlazeWTHR

Photo Sources: The BlazeWTHR


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