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Officers Create Beeping Easter Eggs For Special Reason

Police officers in Florida have come up with a clever idea to let blind or visually impaired children experience the fun of an Easter egg hunt.

Officers with the Tampa Police Department sat in a room, listening to a constant beeping for hours. 

"We're kind of used to beeps like that," Tampa police officer Bobby Clifford told WTSP. "I don't even hear it anymore."

For some, such as Clifford, the beeping started becoming unnoticeable, while it started becoming a bit bothersome for others. 

"It's getting a little annoying after a while," officer Miles Nicholson said.

Despite the slight annoyance, the officers could all agree that the end result would make putting up with the beeping worth it.

"It definitely will be a memorable day," Lady Lake Police Captain Jason Brough said.

The officers have been enduring the constant beeping for a great cause. The beeping comes from Easter eggs that will allow visually impaired children to take part in an egg hunt. The children will find the eggs by following the beeps.

The egg hunt will take place on April 15, with a photo session with the Easter Bunny prior to the egg hunt.

The eggs will be "hidden" in an open field in Tavares, Florida. 

"[It's] definitely special for kids," Brough said. "Every kid loves Easter and finding Easter eggs and this is just a way to let everybody participate in it."

The tradition began 11 years ago, when a special agent found out that his newborn baby was blind. He came up with the idea as a way for his child to participate in Easter activities as they got older.

The Tampa Bay Area Regional Bomb Squad puts together the beeping eggs, with help from members of the state Fire Marshal's office, FBI, ATF, Tampa Police Department and Hillsborough County Sheriff's bomb squad, Metro News reports.

"We have the experience in electronics," explosives enforcement officer Randall Mattson-Laurent told Metro News, adding, "It's really easy, comes kind of as a natural fit for us to be able to put these together and have the knowledge to put them together."

"Most bomb squad members like to be in the background," he said, according to CNN. "They really don't like to be out in the front of things so for us to use our skills to help kids that are not as fortunate as most makes all of us feel good."

"It's a really good feeling to be able to help these children to enjoy the festivities of Easter," said Sgt. Jarett Seal of the Tampa Police Department's Bomb Squad.

Sources: WTSPMetro News, CNN via WBND / Photo Credit: WTSP

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