Burglars Mocked By Taco Shop In Edited Security Footage (Video)


A video (below) of two suspects who burglarized a Las Vegas taco restaurant in the early morning hours of Dec. 16 has been released by the business and posted to YouTube with commentary.

“We think they may have been looking for tacos. Not sure,” Frijoles & Frescas Grilled Tacos wrote.

In the video, a man gets out of a white vehicle and then throws what appears to be a rock at the front door of the restaurant. The glass stays intact, and the man casually gets back into the vehicle.

Moments later, the man approaches the back door of the shop and then throws something at it, successfully breaking the glass.

The nearly three-minute security video includes captions that mock the suspects who “frantically search for tacos.”

The suspects are shown running into the storage room, and the caption reads: “Homeboy checks the storage room. No tacos.”

“Maybe they keep tacos in the register,” a later caption reads.

One of the burglars is then seen ripping the register out of its place. The other burglar then checks out the spot where the register was sitting.

“Maybe there are tacos floating in the air,” the next caption reads, before a computer-generated image of a taco appears in the clip.

When the white vehicle appears again, the caption reads, "Here comes mom to pick them up."

The two burglars then run to the vehicle.

"Mom wants a taco too," a caption reads.

One of the burglars returns to take the other cash register.

"Mom will be mad there are no tacos in the register," the next caption reads.

The end of the clip asks the public to help find the burglars so the taco shop can “get them the tacos they rightfully deserve.”

Sources: TheBlaze, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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