Angelina Jolie Buys Teddy Bear From Young Twins (Video)

Twin boys selling their teddy bear never would have guessed in their wildest dreams who its next owner would be (video below).

After outgrowing their toy, named Big Bear, Allen and Brandon were encouraged by their father, Tim Alexander, to sell the massive 8-foot-tall bear, Little Things reports.

Hoping to teach them entrepreneurship, the boys stood outside their home in Toluca Lake, California, holding a sign, trying to sell the bear.

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Tim stood behind, filming the scene. He later uploaded the video to YouTube.

As the boys waited, nobody seemed to care. Time dragged on until, one hour later, a white Cadillac pulled up.

Tim, still filming, was shocked to see who walked out: actor Angelina Jolie with one of her children, Shiloh.

"The boys made their first sale to a movie star!" Tim later exclaimed.

While the boys were thrilled to have a potential buyer, they had no idea who they were dealing with.

It was only when their father explained she had starred in animated movie "Kung Fu Panda" did they realize how famous Jolie is.

The family helped Jolie stuff the massive bear into her trunk.

"You guys are so cool! It's so nice to meet you!" Jolie said to the boys, hugging them, while Tim encouraged them to thank her.

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What happened next only excited them even more: not only did Jolie buy the big teddy bear, she gave the boys $50 each.

Tim explains they were only hoping for $50, not $100.

"What a nice lady," said Tim.

Many on social media praised Jolie for the act, although few were surprised.

"Not surprised to hear that she did this for these sweet boys," wrote on user on LittleThings.com's Facebook page. "She has a big heart for children but boy want they have a great story to tell [their] children someday. I'm happy that she decided to stop by and make these boys day so sweet of her to do so."

Sources: Little Things, RDS/YouTube, LittleThings.com/Facebook /Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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