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These Are The Shorts That Landed One Teen In Hot Water (Photos)

A high school student believes she was shamed for wearing shorts to school and has started an open protest against the school’s dress code.

Lindsey Stocker, an 11th grade student at Beaconsfield High School, wore a pair of jean shorts to school on a hot day.

The school dress code has strict rules on what students can wear to school.

According to the National Post, no short shorts are allowed, or halter tops/tube tops/bikini tops, and no excessive cleavage. If you are wearing headgear it has to be for religious purposes.

When the vice principals of the school entered Stocker’s classroom to perform a dress code inspection, she and her fellow female students were told to stand up with their arms at their sides. If their shorts did not reach their fingertips they were in violation of the dress code.

Stocker was singled out for her shorts.

“In front of all my peers and my teacher they said I had to change,” Stocker said. “And when I said no they said I was making a bad choice. They kept shaking their heads. In front of everybody.”

“They continued to tell me would be suspended if I didn't start following the rules,” Stocker said. “When I told them I didn't understand why I had to change they told me that it doesn't matter - I don't have to understand the rules, I just have to comply by them.”

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Stocker refused to be “shamed” for wearing the shorts and walked out of class. She proceeded to print 20 posters which she then plastered around the school.

The posters read: “Don’t humiliate her because she is wearing shorts. It’s hot outside. Instead of shaming girls for their bodies, teach boys that girls are not sexual objects.”

The school removed the posters within ten minutes, but not fast enough before her act against the school dress code to hit social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

Stocker has found support from girls at her school.

Lauren Paquay, 15, came to school in short shorts to support Stocker. She believes having girls stand up with their arms at their sides to verify their clothes are within fingertip reach is humiliating, reports the Daily Mail.

“Most people are agreeing with her, women shouldn’t have to cover themselves up completely because we shouldn’t be viewed as sexual objects,” said student Sierra Drolet.

Stocker has been suspended for her defiance.

“The rules are there to help the children learn and prepare them for their future work places, high school is a job for them, they are there to learn to function in society, so it’s important that the rules be followed,” said chairman of the Lester B. Pearson School Board, Susanne Stein Day. “Girls and boys have rules on dress codes; it is not a girl, boy thing, that’s not the point.”

Stocker wholly disagrees.

“I was in violation for showing my legs," Stocker said. "And that, point blank, is a problem for me.”


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