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These Are The Conditions That Led To Three Kids Being Removed From Their Home (Photo)

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Police arrested two women in Worcester, Massachusetts, on Jan. 31 when they discovered drugs in the apartment where three young children lived in squalor among mice and their droppings. 

Sheyla Montalvo, 24, the mother of two of the children, and 29-year-old Natasha Riley-Murphy, were arrested when police arrived at their Worcester, Massachusetts, apartment after obtaining a search warrant, reports WFXT. A third child was reportedly visiting a relative.

When the police arrived at the home, they found a 39-year-old woman watching the kids, a cat that had a live mouse in its mouth, and the children’s bedrooms covered in rodent feces.

Officers described the apartment as “deplorable” and that “most of the floors in the apartment had large amounts of animal feces.”

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“Mice could be heard running above the officers in the drop ceiling, and at one point a cat came out of from under the sink with a live mouse in its mouth,” says the police report.

The three children are aged 3, 5 and 6 and have been taken into custody by the Department of Children and Families.

Police say they discovered a black backpack containing $3,382 in cash, two bags of cannabis, 99 pills of the painkiller oxycodone, hundreds of baggies and three cellphones. They also found packaging materials, two additional cellphones and another $170 in cash, according to WFXT.

A search of Riley-Murphy turned up a bag of cocaine, reports Boston Herald.

Both Riley-Murphy and Montalvo were arrested and charged with trafficking a class B drug and possession with intent to supply and other drug violations. 

The two women were scheduled to be arraigned at Worcester District Court on Feb. 1, according to Boston Herald.

Sources: WFXT, Boston Herald / Photo credit: WFXT

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