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Sean Hannity Accused Of Pointing Gun At Juan Williams

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity took to Twitter to dispel reports made by CNN that he once pointed a gun at a guest contributor.

The alleged incident took place in October 2016. According to three unnamed sources by CNN, Sean Hannity pulled a gun out and pointed it at Juan Williams after a segment. He also turned the laser sight on, causing a red dot to hover around Williams' body.

Hannity has taken to Twitter to respond to the allegations, and also comments from social media users.

"Gun Safety 101 -- NEVER point a gun at a person, loaded or unloaded. Never," one user wrote tweeted at Hannity. "You may still be friends, but you were wrong."

"Excuse me. I NEVER DID," Hannity responded.

"Never pointed at anybody. Let's be clear. Unloaded. Never pointed," Hannity tweeted, according to the Daily Mail. "I have been a gun safety advocate for years."

Sources said Hannity, who has a concealed carry permit in New York, was just showing off. They added that Williams, who is a regular contributor to the show, looked "disturbed" as the red dot hovered around his body.

But Williams also took to Twitter to defend Hannity.

"This incident is being sensationalized -- everything was under total control throughout and I never felt like I was put in harm’s way," he tweeted.

"It was clear that Sean put my safety and security above all else and we continue to be great friends," Williams added.

"[CNN] fake news lies. Juan is one of my best friends. Love u my friend," Hannity tweeted at Williams.

"[CNN] is as hysterical and insane as Rachael Maddow," he added.

Another unnamed witness told the Daily Mail Hannity was showing Williams his unloaded gun because Williams had asked him to see it.

After Hannity denied the incident ever took place, Dylan Byers, the author of the CNN article, also took to Twitter to comment on the allegations.

"I stand by my reporting," Byers tweeted. "Every word. 110%."

"Fake news hack. Of course u do. Lol," Hannity responded. "It's not true. Unless u r calling me and Juan liars. Shocking from 'White Lash' network."

"Of course. [CNN] fake news ignores the people involved. Whatever...... FNC and MS kicking your a**," Hannity added.

Hannity issued a statement on March 16:

While discussing the issue of firearms, I showed my good friend Juan Williams my unloaded firearm in a professional and safe manner for educational purposes only. Every precautionary procedure that I have been trained in since the age of 11 was followed. I've had a conceal carry permit in five states for all of my adult life. Any other interpretation of this is outright false reporting.

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN, Sean Hannity/Twitter (2345) / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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