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Man Named 'West Wild Hogs' Arrested For Kidnapping

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A man named 'West Wild Hogs' has been arrested after allegedly kidnapping a 4-year-old girl and driving her from Florida to Tennessee where they were spotted by a park ranger. reports that West Wild Hogs, formerly Matthew Pybus before changing his name, is accused of taking 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis from the town of Lakeland, Florida. 

Hogs apparently stole a car from his mother, and kidnapped Lewis for reasons unknown.  Hogs' mother and Lewis' grandmother are good friends.  Hogs also suffers from depression and bipolar disorder, and has had several brain surgeries in the past.  

Hogs also lived with the Lewis family until around two years ago, when he allegedly pulled a gun on family members. Since then he has lived with his wife in Seale, Alabama. 

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Hogs and Lewis were spotted at a McDonald's in Lakeland the morning she vanished. Later that evening they were seen at a gas station in Forsyth, Georgia.  

Speaking during the kidnapping, Polk County Sheriff's Office spokesman Scott Wilder said, "The whole family is pretty torn up and very emotional. They just want to know why because they don’t understand why he would have taken her." 

The Polk County Sheriff's Office publicly chastised the state of Tennessee's decision not to issue an Amber Alert, given that there was no evidence of the pair being in the state. However, a park ranger spotted Hogs and Lewis in a park after dark, and alerted authorities after having seen the story on the news.  

Hogs is currently under arrest, being held on one charge of kidnapping, and Lewis is back with her family.  

Sources:, Orlando Sentinel / Photo Credit: Orlando Sentinel

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