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Michigan Woman Makes Statement With Halloween Display

A Detroit woman’s Halloween decorations are sparking controversy (video below).

Larethia Haddon’s house isn’t decorated with ghosts or skeletons. Instead, her lawn depicts victims of police shootings, the Flint water crisis and images related to the Black Lives Matter movement, WJBK reports.

The display is meant to make a statement.

"The kids aren't afraid of the boogey man anymore," she said. "They say grandma, we're scared to go outside and play."

The display features six dummies in total. Each dummy represents a facet of current events and issues dealing with violence and discrimination.

"A lady was standing out here yesterday looking at the scene and she was just crying, just breaking down in tears," Haddon told the news station. "So I came out and I just held her."

Haddon only puts the display out during the daytime. Everyday, the display draws in a crowd.

"It's definitely thought-provoking," said Kevin Mays, a local resident who came to see the display. "It's addressing a whole lot of issues that are going on right now. "

Some spectators thought the dummies were real people and called the police.

"At first I did think something was wrong but when I looked at it, and started to read, I'm like, oh, Flint water, I get it,” said Alesia Diaz. “A book bag bombing, I get it.”

Haddon has been featuring some type of display in her lawn for the past 25 years, according to AOL News. Last year, she had a dummy face-down on her lawn, prompting several 911 phone calls from neighbors.

This year, Haddon decided to make a statement.

"If you're going to get this much attention, you need to do something that's going to make people aware of the situations that are going on," she said. "If we don't open our eyes and see what's going on, it's just going to keep on happening."

Haddon is also inviting spectators to join her for prayer at her church every Wednesday.

"We have to start reaching out and helping each other," she added. "If we don't this scene in my yard is going to continue to be a reality.”

Sources: Fox 2, AOL / Photo Credit: Fox 2 

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