Store Worker Gets Past TSA Checkpoint With Loaded Gun

A woman managed to carry a loaded gun through a security checkpoint at Memphis International Airport.

Shwundra Boxiley, who worked in a store at the airport, had her bag scanned by a TSA employee who noticed an object inside and requested it be checked, media reports said.

But the message did not get to the staff member physically checking bags, who handed the bag back to Boxiley.

After Boxiley left the area, the TSA realized the item in the bag was a loaded gun. Concourse B was closed by the TSA as they attempted to locate Boxiley.

She was eventually reached on her cell phone, reported WREG. Her bag was scanned again but there was no sign of the gun.

Initially, Boxiley denied ever having one. However, she later admitted having concealed it in the break room at the store. She said she had forgotten to leave it in her car and had brought it into the terminal by mistake. The weapon, a Taurus PT738 .380 caliber handgun, was recovered by police.

The gun had six bullets in the magazine and one in the chamber, according to WHBQ.

Boxiley was fired from her job. The TSA agent who handed the bag back to Boxiley announced his resignation. The other employee involved in the incident was placed on administrative duties, according to Local Memphis.

“That should be alarming that they would let her go past. Yes, they caught it, which is fine and well, but I definitely think that they should be a little more vigilant about that,” one passenger told Local Memphis.

TSA announced an internal inquiry and the FBI is also investigating.

“I guess it's just a reminder to always be vigilant and to always check everything 100% so that we don't catch that one bad scenario where someone is actually intending to do harm,” another passenger added.

Boxiley was arrested and charged with two weapons violations.

Sources: WREG, Local Memphis, WHBQ / Photo credit: Diehl/Flickr

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