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Everyone Is Talking About A Hiliarious Autocorrect 'Glitch' In Apple's New iPhone


Autocorrect is usually a frustrating feature of modern-day life – but it can also produce hilarious results.

In the newest version of Apple’s iOS software, the word “lardass” is corrected to “Kardashian” and everyone on Twitter is talking about the gaffe.

The public has spoken, and most people seem to approve of the Freudian slip which links the famous reality star to the insult.

“You're not wrong iPhone," one Twitter user wrote, according to Daily Mail. "You're not wrong.”

“Steve Jobs is trolling Kimmy K from the grave," another Twitter user wrote, according to US Today.

Now anyone who types in “Lardass” will instantly see it swapped with “Kardashian” unless they press a button to stop the autocorrect.

The idiosyncrasy appears on new 9.2 versions of iOS iPhone software, but it is absent from older versions or models of the Apple smartphone.

Autocorrect software usually only substitutes words that misspelled with the correct ones by using the context of your sentence to recognize the error.

But the snafu takes word recognition to another level, using it to slight the Kardashian surname -- a family famous for their curves and media antics.

For example, Jean-Paul Goude's picture of Kim Kardashian posing nearly-nude on the cover of Paper magazine with her derriere exposed and her entire body glistening with oil, was so highly shared online that many joked that it broke the internet.

Apple has yet to comment on the gaffe, making it unclear whether this is something that has occurred due to artificial intelligence -- based on how people use their smartphones -- or if it was created by man.

Nonetheless, users seem entertained by the software, which was released last week, though the autocorrect glitch didn't start going viral until Dec. 13.

“Someone at Apple thinks they're real funny," one user, Martha Followill, wrote, according to Daily Mail.

Was the autocorrect gaffe an Easter-egg planted by a clever Apple programmer, or just an innocent coincidence? Only Apple insiders know the answer to that question.

Sources: Daily Mail, US Magazine / Photo credit: BET, Daily Mail

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