Meet The Internet's Newest Cat Sensation (Photos)


There's a new cat taking the internet by storm, and this is possibly the cutest one yet!  

Meet Kevin, a 4-year-old Russian Blue cat with puffy cheeks and big green eyes that are often cast downward, due to his very serious medical condition. Kevin suffers from hydrocephalus, which is an accumulation of excess fluid in the brain, the Daily Mail reports.  

Kevin's hydrocephalus has caused him to become partially blind and deaf, but it is also the primary reason his expression is one of constant surprise, which has helped make him an internet celebrity. 

The cat's Instagram account has over 10,000 followers, and his owner, Tailah, recently spoke to LoveMeow, a cat appreciation website, about Kevin, who she described as the "happiest, funniest, silliest little kid."

Tailah also described how she and Kevin came to be owner and pet.

"His mama is a veterinary nurse," she said, describing herself.  " ... [A] lovely lady found him in a carpark when he was around 4 weeks old and surrendered him to the clinic. I fell in love with him straight away and knew I had to give him a chance." 

But it wasn't all roses and sunshine for the pair. Tailah said she was warned of Kevin's condition early on and the dangers it can bring. 

"I was warned that he wouldn't live to see 6 months (if he was lucky), and to not become attached," Tailah told LoveMeow. "I told myself that even if he passed away, I gave him all the loving I could. Four years later and he's still my best little love bug."  

Somehow, despite Kevin's condition, he has never shown any signs of discomfort, according to his owner. 

"For Kevin, the biggest concern was that he would seizure," Tailah said. "Four years in and he's never had one!  He shows no signs of nausea and is the happiest little kitten."

According to Tailah, Kevin's condition prevents him from going outside and playing with other cats, so she created a special indoor area for him with grass and toys. 

"His favorite thing in the whole world is playing in his 'man cave,' and he loves cuddles!" Tailah said.

"If you met this little bundle in real life, you would see what we all see," she added. "A funny, happy, silly, loving little cat."

No word yet on whether Kevin will receive his own comic book/reality TV series/three picture movie deal, but we wouldn't be surprised if any or all of those came to fruition. 

Sources: Daily Mail, LoveMeow / Photo Credits: theadventuresofkev/Instagram via WDUV

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