Florida Woman Alleges Her Goats Are Being Raped


A Florida woman is urging authorities to speed up an investigation to uncover who is behind an alleged series of sexual assaults on her goats.

Sharon Cruz-Pecina bought the animals five years ago as a solution to her husband’s lactose intolerance, and claims they have been repeatedly violated ever since, media reports say.

“Please leave my goats alone, please repent, please turn yourself in,” Cruz-Pecina pleaded in an interview with WJHG.

The attacks caused her to install surveillance cameras and put up a sign warning against trespassing, but they have done little to keep the perpetrator off her property.

In September, she paid for a veterinarian to perform a rape test on one of the goats. The kit was sent to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, but the results have not been returned.

Cruz-Pecina suspects a man living in the area who was charged with having sexual intercourse with an animal in 2014.

“There is numerous people within the mile, two miles of this guy's home who've had problems of him attacking their goats,” she said.

The man was also charged with trespassing on Cruz-Pecina’s property in October.

“I have had the officers out here a few times, I just didn't call [again] because I didn't think like they were taking me serious,” she added.

However, Cruz-Pecina says she can now tell if the man has been on her property because her goats show visible signs of trauma.

“Washington County Sheriff's office has received a complaint from Ms. Sharon Anne Cruz-Pecina. This is an open case at this time. We are investigating this case as diligently and as thoroughly as we would any criminal investigation,” a statement from the local police department reads.

Having sex with animals was made a misdemeanor in Florida in 2011. It followed a 2007 case involving a 48-year-old man who raped and killed a goat, the Northwest Florida Daily News reported.

Cruz-Pecina hopes that whoever is behind the assaults on her animals can get help.

“People in their normal minds don’t rape goats,” she told the Northwest Florida Daily News.

Sources: WJHG, Northwest Florida Daily News / Photo credit: Northwest Florida Daily News

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