There's A Crime Being Committed In This 'Adorable' Picture


A pair of tourists claims to have captured the exact moment when they became pickpocket victims on camera. 

An unidentified man posted to Reddit photos he took of his girlfriend on their trip to Thailand.  In one photo, she is posing with two adorable young Thai girls dressed in costumed regalia.  The photos were taken outside Wat Phra That Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, a province in Thailand's north.  

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The woman, who is also unidentified, smiled as one of the girls can be seen surreptitiously unclasping her wrist watch, while the second girl distracts her by tugging gently on her other arm. 

The traveling couple didn't even notice the pickpocket until they saw the photos they had taken. 

But the biggest shock was yet to come.  Upon posting the photos to Reddit, others chimed in with their experiences with the exact same thieves.  

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“I’ve seen those little thieves before,” one user wrote.  “Adorable, adorable thieves.  I didn’t suspect a thing when I saw them,” said another.  “These have to be the two most popular child thieves in all of Asia,” added a third.  

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Other users speculated that the girls could be part of an organized gang, or perhaps that they were doing this regularly as part of their family’s income. 

One user even noted how he had dodged a bullet. He wrote, “Holy c**p! I was tempted to ask for a photo with them when we saw them at the temple but didn't want to be 'that tourist' and was also worried that their momager who was lingering around might scream at me for money if I went near them.”

Whatever their story, the two thieves seem to be wildly popular on the message board Reddit.  

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit / Photo credit: Reddit via Daily Mail

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