There’s No Correlation Between Video Games And Violence, 10-Year Study Says


Video games don't lead to behavioral problems in children, according to a decade-long study that followed more than 11,000 children.

Research, as part of the UK Millennium Cohort Study, found that there is no correlation between video game playing and violence, lack of attentiveness, or general antisocial behaviors. The study found that any problem behavior existed before a child picked up a controller.

UK Millennium Cohort Study reviewed the affect of entertainment on child behavior. The video game study examined 11,000 children in the UK, exposing them to both video games and television.

Their analysis showed that video games had no effect on attention, emotional issues or behavior.

Researchers found that rather than video games creating antisocial children, children who are already antisocial turn to video games as an outlet they can control.

The study said television watching, not video game time, is correlated to negative and antisocial behavior in children. Three or more hours of television have more impact than the same amount of time playing mature video games like Call of Duty.

Sources: TechSpot, Inquistr


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