‘There's No Police’: Armed Ferguson Storeowners Defend Against Looting (Video)


Storeowners in Ferguson, Mo., say that police have pulled out of the city and they were forced to guard their own businesses against looters Friday night, Fox2Now.com reported.

One reporter said they witnessed police drive past some stores while they were being looted and did not respond.

A storeowner told the station that they called 911 and were bounced around from agency to agency. Police did not respond. Some could be seen outside their businesses holding guns Saturday morning.

"There's no police. We trusted the police to keep it peaceful; they didn't do their job,” a storeowner with a large black gun over his shoulder told the station.

A local pastor, Robert White, is calling on all men in the city to help clean up after businesses were wrecked by looters overnight.

“All of our names are Mike Brown right now,” Pastor White told Fox 2 Now.

“We are here because a young man lost his life,” he said.

“So we’re asking all men – black, white, Christian, Jew – to come out here and let’s secure ourselves,” he said. “We need to show that we are peaceful people and we’re not gonna let this young man’s death be in vain.”

St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch implied that demonstrators have subdued police action.

"You did not see ‘police restraint’ overnight. You saw police reluctant to act. We cannot keep stoning the keepers at the gate,” Fitch tweeted.

Police are expected to address the overnight looting in a press conference Saturday afternoon.

Sources: Fox 2 Now (2), Fox News

Image screenshot: YouTube / ABC News


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