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Ther-Ad Autism App's Infinite Possibilities

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     The very recently reported new autism video therapy introduced via an app sounds like a neat deal. It is called Ther-Ad

     Overall utilization of the new app is described in the following way from the above link...

Ther-Ad works by allowing a student to watch motivating media, such as a movie, that is occasionally paused at an interval.  A short self-modeling video is then presented to the student who watches the clip of himself engaging in a behavior that parents or instructors wish to encourage.  After the video self-modeling clip finishes, the student is automatically reinforced by being returned to the motivating movie.

     My only caution is that for some autism affected individuals popular animated media is, at times, too stimulating; when such is the case, other motivating activities can accompany the interval presentation of the student self-modeling video. (The self-monitoring video will probably not be overstimulating for the student.) 

     I had attempted to utilize the viewing of popular animated media as a reward for my autistic daughter for far too long. I didn't realize that her favorite animated movies had worn out as far as any good effect - and were actually causing worsening behavior in her (for multiple reasons that have to do with catatonia and psychosis). Families of autism affected children do, at times, ask if media is causing their children to present with worsening behavior. 

     All of this is being written so that as many as possible can experience success via Ther-Ad. Video has been utilized in order to encourage desirable behavior during autism therapy - with success. Here is one example of an animated street crossing game for autism affected individuals. Science Daily describes how children learned via virtual reality, how to cross the street, and the skill does tranfer to the real life scenario. Bill Ahearn describes video modeling that can be utilized in order to teach autism affected individuals.

     In my daughter's experience, video has been utilized as a form of teaching with success. For a time she and her sister carried around a video camera (filming each other) in order to encouraged - and to create. The new Ther-Ad app presents infinte possibilities for autism affected individuals.

     For those who decide to use Ther-Ad, just remember to use the most beneficially rewarding activity in order to allow for continued learning and positive life experience via ths wonderful approach.


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