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Theory Suggests UFO Detonated Russian Meteorite

The meteorite that crashed into Russia on February 15 has sparked UFO rumors, after a few pictures were captured of an unidentified object flying next to it before it exploded.

A bizarre theory has been created, which suggests the meteorite was blown up by a UFO in an attempt to protect our planet.

It captured the attention of UFO enthusiasts after a tiny “object” could be seen colliding with the meteorite as it traveled through Earth’s atmosphere. At the time, Russia did not report any missile launches.

An online debate started over the images, questioning whether Russia was “saved by a UFO.”

When the meteorite hit Russia, it exploded with a force as great as 30 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. It caused great damage to Chelyabinsk and injured around 1,200 people. Most people were injured from shattered glass.

NASA estimated the meteorite was 55 feet wide and weighed 10,000 tons. It was thought to have exploded above the Ural mountains with a force equal to 500 kilotons.

Fortunately, nuclear installations housed in the Urals were undamaged.

“At first, we also believed that the Chelyabinsk meteorite was just an ordinary meteorite, a cosmic body,” Alexander Komanev, coordinator for the Russian UFO community, said.

“But on at least three films of the space rock you can see how an object catches the meteorite.”

In images, the object looks tiny and oblong-shaped. It “flies into it - and the meteorite explodes and falls.”

“Such a number of videos, made from different angles, leads us to believe that something has blown up the meteorite.”

He also said in the days prior to the meteorite, a number of UFOs were seen.

One incident featured two “glowing bowls” flying over the night sky of Chabry.

And during the day, similar objects were seen over Chelyabinsk.

On these occasions, the objects moved across the sky and disappeared, only to return later.

While Russia is attempting to develop technology capable of destroying incoming space objects, there was no suggestion they had such technology on the day the meteorite struck.



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